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These are extremely sweet, outgoing, people oriented cats.  They love to sleep with you, eat whatever you eat.  They are very intelligent and seem to understand what you are saying.  These are very, very Rare here in the States.

I was asked, what is the difference between the European Burmese and the Burmilla.  I've had time to think about it.  I believe, that the mixture between the European Burmese and the Chinchilla (which made the Burmilla), brought out the beauty of the Chinchilla in the coat and the eyes and brought out the sweet disposition which the earlier European Burmese had.  They are very beautiful, sweet, clumsy and very loyal to their humans.  If you are looking for a companion cat, these are what you want.

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PLEASE NOTE:   This is a Hobby and not a Business.  Make Money Orders or Cashier's Cheques out to Kim Ghobrial and not Bes Cattery.  No Personal Cheques.

I do, now, take payments through Paypal, with a Credit Card (but you need to pay the Fees they charge for this).  Please e-mail me if you are interested in paying by Paypal and I'll give you details.

Thank you.

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All Spay and Neuter cost of the kittens, are the responsibility of the pet buyers, unless specified in the Sales Contract.

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These photos don't do the kittens or cats justice, they are much prettier in person.


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This is a kitten from my February 1, 2015 litter, she is a Brown Shaded Silver Burmilla.  Her name is Bes Snowdrop Faeirie.  She is now spayed and ready to go to a pet home.  These are new photos of both these kittens (Snowdrop and Phoinix), that I took today, July 5.


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His name is Bes Argyros Phoinix, which is Greek for Silvery Crimson, he is a Red Tipped Silver Burmilla.  His date of birth is January 9, 2015.  He is a clown and goofy.  I decided not to keep him as a breeder, due to his watery eyes (Vet says it is a tear Stain, due to his white colour, even white dogs get it, but it is treated by giving Probiotics or Forte Flora).  He is now neutered and can go to a new home, but you will need to keep giving him Forte Flora or Probiotics.  It is working, giving him Probiotics/Forte Flora once a day is keeping his watery eyes clean.


These are both Snowdrop and Phoinix, as they were playing and washing each other and finally sleeping.


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This is Kang Li (left) and Moony (right)

We had babies which started from 25-June and ended 26-June. 

We currently have 4 girls and 1 boy.  These are photos that were taken today, July 5, 2015 of the kittens.  They are 1-1/2 weeks old.

Black Tipped Silver boy

Black Shaded Silver girl (or Black Tortie)

Brown Tipped Silver girl (or Brown Tortie)

Larger of the 2 lighter girls, Brown or Chocolate Tipped Silver girl (or Brown Tortie or Chocolate Tortie)

Smaller of the 2 lighter girls, Brown or Chocolate Tipped Silver girl (or Brown Tortie or Chocolate Tortie)


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If you are interested, please email me below.

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My phone number is:   503-427-0354 (Portland, Oregon, USA)

I do have an answering machine and I will call you back, if you leave a message.  If my phone line is busy, please keep trying, I am either on the phone or on the computer.

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